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Account opening eligibility Documents required

• Account can be opened in the names of individuals singly / jointly / with either or survivor options.

• Public and private limited companies.

• Government / semi government departments.

• Religious institutions.

• Partner / sole proprietorship firms.

• Societies, associations, trusts.

# Application form

# Recent photograph two numbers

# Latest documents showing address proof

# GST registration certificate

# KYC – any one document from each of the following two lists subjects to bank’s satisfaction

Latest photo identification documents Latest documents showing address proof

1. Passport

2. PAN card

3. Voter’s identity Card

4. Driving licence

5. Identity card issued by the Govt / public authority / (Reputed institutions subject to satisfaction of bank)

6. Letter from employer – subject to satisfaction of bank.

7. Aadhar / UIDAI Card.

1. Passport with same address

2. Telephone bill – recent month

3. Letter from employer subject to satisfaction of bank

4. Bank account statement with address.

5. Electricity bill.

6. Income tax / property tax assessment order / receipt.

The account will be opened on submission of the duly filled in application form along with the initial deposit amount in cash

Minimum balance Documents required for company accounts Facilities

• Individual Rs.3000/-

• Institution Rs.5000/-

• Board resolutions

• Memorandum of association

• Articles of association

• Certificate of incorporation

• Certificate of commencement of business (for public limited companies)


# Mobile banking


# SMS facility

# Any branch banking

# Collection of cheque / drafts through CTS

# Standing instructions

# Cheque book

# Pass book facility

# Nomination (for personal and sole proprietorship accounts)