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S.No Particulars



# Customer should have a savings account in a branch # Account can be opened in the names of individuals singly / jointly / with either or survivor options.

# A minor with natural guardian.

# Government / semi Government Departments.

# Religious institutions.

# Partner / sole proprietorship firms.

# Societies, associations, Trusts.

# Institutions can open fixed deposit account.

# The account will be opened on submission of the duly filled in application form along with the deposit amount in cash /cheque / withdrawal(transfer from SB Account).


interest rate

o Depending upon the period of the deposit as prevailing from time to time.

Rate of Interest- click here


Special interest rate for senior citizens

o Please click here to know the current rate of Interest.

o Additional Interest rare of 0.50% available to senior citizens.



• Interest payment – monthly discounted simple rate at monthly rest and simple rate at quarterly / half yearly / annual rest.

• Monthly interest payable through SB account / cheque / NEFT.

• Mode of operation – self / E or S / other modes.

• Loan on deposit available up to 80% of the deposit amount.

• Facility of pre-mature withdrawal.

• Nomination facility available.


Auto renewal of deposit

• Deposit shall be renewed automatically for a similar period on the date of maturity at the rate of interest applicable for the period as on the date of maturity in the absence of any renewal instructions well in advance.


Minimum period

• 15 days.


Maximum period

• 2 years.


TDS on interest

• Applicable.