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Loans to Individuals- தனிநபர் கடன் கள்

S.No Loan Details S.No Loan Details
1 MSME ( Micro / Small and Medium Enterprises)new 8 Salary Loan new
2 House Construction Loannew 9 House Mortgage Loannew
3 Jewel Loan new 10 NHFDC Loan new
4 PTL Loan சிறு வணிக கடன்new 11 Small Scale Industries Loan - சிறு தொழில் கடன் new
5 கல்வி கடன் - Education Loan new 12 Vehicle Loan -வாகன கடன் new
6 Women Enterpreneur Loan new 13 Working Women Loannew
7 Self Help Group Loan new